Influenza Monitoring



Each year, a flu epidemic occurs. Three or four times a century , a pandemic takes place caused by a new influenza virus. The type of the virus that circulates and the vulnerability of the population determine the severity of the epidemic or pandemic. That is why a flu surveillance should be organised every year. In Belgium, Sciensano (Scientific Institute of Public Health) manages the existing surveillanceand controlled by the Federation Wallonia-Brussel, the Flemish Agency for Care and Health of the Flemish Community, and the Brussels Common Community Commission. The objectives of the flu surveillance are:

  1. To describe the epidemic over time (i.e. to design the epidemic curve) and per age groups;
  2. To identify the circulating viruses and their main characteristics;
  3. To evaluate the severity and impact of the epidemic in the population.


Epidemiological data

Virological data

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